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Tell a Better Story with Video

Above all, GM Voices is a team of skilled storytellers. With a long history of production excellence and scripting success, GM Voices has the technical means (cameras and gear, editing software, recording studios), the creative know-how (editing and artistic abilities, writers who understand your challenges) and the value-add intangibles (access to professional voice actors, sound effects and music) to tell great stories to your customers and prospects.

Because we use all these skills and tools for our own purposes, GM Voices can deliver a professional-grade marketing video for much less than the competition. From simple interviews to fully-interactive scripted narratives, our services come in all scopes.

Nothing is sold until a story is told. Let GM Voices help you tell your story more effectively.

Business Storytelling Video Type Samples

All these styles and more, watch some of GM Voices’ hit productions, and then start thinking of which style would be best for your story!
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Promote Your Conference with Narrated Video

With video, animation and voice narration services, GM Voices helps conferences increase attendance and communicate their agenda more clearly.
» Get More People to Register!

Business Event Video: Booth Buzz

If the people working your trade show booth are occupied with visitors, use an interactive video to freeze passers-by in their tracks.
» Exhibit with Greater Engagement!

Business Animation

GM Voices’ business animation combines creative scriptwriting, drawings and multi-voice scenarios for a truly one-of-a-kind message.
» Deliver Laughs and Results!

Event Countdown

GM Voices’ interactive countdown product is a fun and engaging way to ensure that your attendees know when show time starts.
» Get ‘Em Seated on Time!

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