Voice Brand Audits

How Does Your Voice Brand and Caller Experience Stack Up?

Each year, millions of customers navigate through complex corporate interactive voice response (IVR) and automated voice identity systems with varying degrees of satisfaction. Unsatisfied callers can easily become unsatisfied customers. Satisfied callers can become loyal brand advocates.

It’s ironic that while voice self-service applications have become a major touch point with customers for many companies, the marketing leaders are not involved in the development of these applications.

Decisions about telephone voice greetings, voice prompts, and the voice identity they project rarely make it to the chief marketing officer’s desk.

GM Voices helps bridge the gap between the marketing and information technology teams so that companies can create and maintain a consistent Voice Brand throughout the enterprise, reinforcing the brand identity at every customer touch point.

What is a Voice Brand Audit?

GM Voices’ proprietary Voice Brand Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an company’s automated voices and overall caller experience. Dialing into an automated application and recording the experience, GM Voices documents all the pain points, from voice and recording quality to menu scripting to technical considerations. Delivered as standalone audio or embedded in a multimedia presentation, Voice Brand Audits show our prospects (or yours) how to improve their caller contacts. When combined with our “VisionClip” audio demos, a powerful “before and after” story is told.

“We never really listened to our business’s front door before. It was a surprise when we did. GM Voices presented an easy to follow presentation of how we sound AND how our competition sounds. It was an eye opener and we took action immediately!”
– Anthony Jacobson, Software Developer