We Wrote the Book on Voice Branding

Voice Branding in America by CEO Marcus Graham

When we say we wrote the book on Voice Branding in America, we mean that literally.

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Since it was published in 2005, Voice Branding in America has become the quintessential guide for making your automated voice consistent with your brand.

With the rise of automated speech technologies and voice-enhanced multimedia, Voice Branding has become an integral part of every Fortune 1000 company’s marketing mix, supporting carefully-developed brand identities at every major touchpoint and including powerful narrative devices like phone recordings (IVR voices, voice prompts), business presentation narration, eLearning, Web video, mobile apps and in-car applications.

Author Marcus Graham ties more than 25 years of Voice Branding experience together with his expertise in corporate branding to show you how to use automated telephony and phone recordings to add value to your brand while deploying an enterprise-wide Voice Branding initiative.

“An often over-looked aspect of branding is the human voice, one of the most powerful communications tools in your toolbox. Marcus Graham’s book, Voice Branding in America, will startle and amaze you with the many different ways to put that tool to productive use.”
– Al Ries, Co-Author The Origin of Brands