Voice Persona Development

Art, Science and Little Hollywood Give Your Business a Completely Unique Voice Brand

Everything that speaks on an automated application has a persona, whether it was created with the brand in mind or just thrown together.

At GM Voices, we employ a mix of art and science to create the most natural-sounding virtual personalities or “personas” in the industry.

GM Voices offers persona design services for any budget. From Discovery and Development to Casting and Assessment, our team of voice actors, voice coaches and production engineers create a brand-consistent sound that will deliver a world-class customer experience on any voice application.

Contact us today to start the persona creation process for your enterprise!


“We can send voice files in any format. These voices can then be put directly on products like ‘Perfect Voice’ or other phone systems. Before GM Voices, there was no way to achieve such a fast turnaround using the same familiar voice.”
– Kevin Brown, Technical Systems Analyst