Weekly Sessions Are More Efficient

Economical, Updatable, and Consistent Voice Recordings

Weekly Sessions at GM Voices

Persona creation  projects are exciting assignments for the professional services groups in large speech recognition companies. That’s good!

The day-to-day production and delivery of a few voice prompts a couple of months later is a hassle for them and very expensive for the client. That’s bad!

It’s not their core competency. That’s why some of the major speech providers are outsourcing to GM Voices. Our Preferred Voice Talents (professionally trained voice actors) record on the same day every week during our pre-scheduled weekly sessions.

This model provides fast and predictable delivery of polished, ready-to-use audio files with consistent quality.

GM Voices and our stable of Preferred Voice Talents are dedicated to providing economical weekly recording sessions so that our customers can update and enhance their Voice Brands on an ongoing basis.

High-quality audio files delivered with excellent customer service make GM Voices your best out-sourced solution.

The GM Voices solutions provide for great sounding personas and, just as importantly, smooth and cost-effective ongoing management into the future.

“GM Voices has always been very responsive to our needs. On more than one occasion, we have asked them to ‘rush’ orders for us or have needed to make last minute changes. They have always been very accommodating and that has made it easier for us to serve our customers and exceed their expectations. We have also gotten many compliments on the quality of our prompts and voice talent.
– Jon Poploskie, Vice President of bridgeSpeak