Voice-Overs for TTS

Ensure That Your Text-to-Speech or Dynamic Speech Application Sounds as Clear, Natural and Lifelike as Possible

speech-waveWhy have many of the world’s most innovative personal assistant, smart speaker, text-to-speech, IVR, and assistive technology developers trusted GM Voices to humanize their speech applications? It’s because of our all-inclusive approach to voice-over production. GM Voices sources the voice actors (in any language); works with the talent and customer to find the perfect, brand-consistent sound; records the enormous amount of in-context scripting required to create a world-class solution; supports our partners through many edits, additions and fine tuning; and painstakingly edits and delivers ready-to-use voice files that deliver an outstanding user experience.

A Production Partner Focused on Your Success

What’s more, GM Voices is a partner-focused service organization invested in the success of your application, working out reasonable pricing and turnarounds. And because we contract and maintain a roster of over 900 voice actors worldwide, we’re able to support our customers for ongoing updates, and offer your customers natural-language, custom recordings in the same, matching voices. The right voices at the right price, backed by the right team—GM Voices is your voice to the world.

Did You Know?

GM Voices has recorded voices for dynamic, text-to-speech applications in more than 20 languages and dialects.

The Original “Voice of Siri” Was Recorded by GM Voices


Listen to TTS Samples

US English
Natural Voice TTS

Joey, Salli and Kendra TTS voices developed by IVONA Text-to-Speech. Samantha TTS voice developed by Nuance.


Natural Voice TTS
Penélope Neutral Spanish
Miguel Neutral Spanish
Conchita Castilian Spanish
Enrique Castilian Spanish
Marlene German
Hans German
Carla Italian
Giorgio Italian
Céline French Parisian
Mathieu French Parisian
Nicole Australian English

TTS voices developed by IVONA Text-to-Speech. Milena (Russian) developed by Nuance.